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About StayPrivate

Founded in 2014, StayPrivate provides secure communication across the open internet.

Built on the principle of openness, the internet has made communicating and sharing so much easier. Yet there is a downside: data theft, identity fraud, hacks and cyber 'heists'. The threat to us all, to our professional and private worlds, is very real.

Every time we communicate online we scatter new digital breadcrumbs, information about ourselves, our interests, what we are doing, where we are, what we like. Would you like to check-in? Do you accept these cookies?

And of course, we mentally and literally click 'Accept'. Because otherwise it is 'Access Denied'. So we let the cookies collect our information, telling the site owners, and the owners of other sites, more and more about us. Big Data is simply the data we are all making, all the time, our digital lives being aggregated and correlated.

It is not fair to suggest the open internet is one big surveillance camera - but the internet could fairly be termed a very open sea, where not everything lurking in the depths is friendly. The answer is not to be paranoid. Nor is the answer to blindly accept 'the way things are' and hope for the best. The answer is to take control. So that our information traverses the open internet in the right kind of digital raft.

The digital age is evolving. The internet and how we use it are adapting. A more personalised approach to online behaviour is crucial so that companies can operate with confidence and confidentiality. Crucial so children can communicate safely online, and for parents to know they are safe. Crucial so we can all live and communicate off and online with peace of mind.

StayPrivate is a state-of-the-art technology platform and suite of digital products built to safeguard our everyday digital lives: to keep us all safer, to ensure that we only share what we want to share.

StayPrivate - Internet on Your Terms

Our People

At StayPrivate, we believe in technology that lets people take control.
Our business ethos is similar.

We are a technology company, but we are a people business. Our reputation depends on our people and what they do.

We are expanding rapidly and are hiring new people all the time, from different backgrounds and with different skills, into a wide range of different roles.

If you are interested and think you might have something to offer, please contact us at

Our Leaders

Alicia Coad


Alicia was born in Manchester, UK, and has a degree in Economics from Durham University.

Alicia has a background in marketing, mainly within the education sector, but she has also worked in the consumer goods and events industries. Working in a school, married to a teacher, and the mother of three young(ish) children, Alicia has a uniquely broad perspective from which to understand how the online world is affecting our children and shaping their lives.

Alicia has travelled broadly with her work, and has wide experience of dealing with different educational and social systems operating around the world.

Andrew Brogden

Founder & CEO

Andrew was born in Manchester, UK. He has a first class degree in Mathematics and a masters in Mathematics, both from Cambridge University.

Andrew started his career as a management consultant, before moving into derivatives trading. He worked in financial services for over fifteen years, building and heading up trading businesses, specialising in cutting edge technology and mathematical models.

Andrew has a proven track record of advising, developing and investing in successful technology businesses, including Snapchat and Redgate Software.

Rob Reid

Founder & COO

Rob was born in Scotland. He has a first class degree in Actuarial Mathematics & Statistics from Heriot-Watt University and is a qualified actuary.

Rob began his career as a risk manager before moving into financial product design. He worked for nearly twenty years in the banking sector, most notably at NatWest and Santander, running teams that specialised in designing and distributing new products to the retail market.

With his senior level experience in client communication, service, regulation and risk, Rob was one of the first to see the opportunity in the convergence of technological advancements with regulatory changes such as MiFID II, GDPR and the like - what is now known as 'RegTech'.